An in-depth look at the world’s pyramids.

This section just looks at the myriad of pyramids around the world, it does not discuss the purpose, meaning or symbolism of the worlds pyramids (who built them and why) as that would take more time than I have left and would still only be the tip of the iceberg (or pyramid if you prefer).

Showing the breakup of Pangea to today’s continental shift.

When pyramids are mentioned anywhere in the world, the vision that comes immediately is the pyramids at Giza together with the Sphynks, but there are 151 pyramids in Egypt, not counting the submerged ones at the Port of Alexander. I don’t know if anyone has tried to count them all, but there must be 10’s of thousands scattered around the world. They fall into two groups, stepped and smooth and were built over two historical periods; the first group date back over 12,000 years and are relatively small compared to the second post-flood period when they became much bigger and date from 5,000 BCE. Below is a small gallery of photos showing the variety of styles:

Probably the least known of all pyramids is also one of the most mysterious and fascinating ever discovered, known as “The Black Pyramid”, or Ben Ben.

Many symbols carved on the black magnetic stone are familiar, but no one has yet been able to decipher any of the messages it was made to convey.

As we know, this is not of the earth, so was obviously brought here for a reason. It must be a significant artefact and is meant to be interpreted. Everything vibrates at its own frequency and sings it’s own song; having positive electromagnetic energy adds to the mystery but may also help us in understanding its purpose at some point in the future.

The very dilapidated pyramid of Pharoa Amenemhat III where the Ben Ben pyramid is believed to be the capstone.

It is a fact of life that whenever the word “pyramid” is used, we automatically think of Egypt first in spite of the fact that Sudan has more than twice the number of pyramids than Egypt. There is a reason for this, apart from the tourism side of Giza, and it’s readily accessible from the capitol, Cairo, but we will come to this shortly.

The most recent discovery of pyramids laid out to match the configuration of Giza, but these are in Bosnia. Note: the white lines have been superimposed for clarity.
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