Old, death and a new beginning with the  promise of a better future.

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Could be a bit confusing; History, past, present and future: but if you are interested in knowing what is known and what we don’t know, this page could be quite challenging.

I am dedicating this page to my niece, Anna-Laura Michael Jackson Hitch. Sadly I have never met her, or any of my late brother’s family as they were growing up as I was having a great time overseas serving Queen and Country from 1963 to my final posting in the Falklands 1981. Anna is one of those great women, like my wife and daughter; who will always achieve and impress just by being.

She took on the education system and began a career in ‘astrophysics’, which is one of my passions along with history and sailing. It is my hope that this page together with “Space and Time” will rekindle that passion for the wonders of creation.


When I was at Grammar School aged about 13 my Form Master was also my English and Maths Tutor and taught me much about the structure of storytelling. He said that before you write a single word you must have a beginning and an end and these must be firmly planted in your mind before you start. The middle bit, where characters, plots, relationships and all the other daily aspects of life are found, will grow and develop as you set out from the beginning and head toward the end, allowing free will of the reader to make any necessary choices and interpretations. History works in exactly the same way.

Revelation 1 v8 – “I am the Alpha and the Omega”, the beginning and the end.

So, does this mean that God has already completed the circle of life and we are just part of the story somewhere in the middle? The Creation is a four-dimensional virtual reality. But we will come back to this later (if the ‘virtual’ bit hasn’t already put you off reading any further).

The second most important pointer my tutor gave me was to get the reader’s attention as soon as possible. “Hit him with a wet fish”, he would say. So, here is your wet fish! There isn’t a one off Creation, there are in fact two (or more with separate parts all leading to the already determined end) and the following is why I have arrived at this conclusion.
In order to start at the beginning, you must first answer three simple questions. What was the beginning, why did it begin and when was that? Did it begin due to some random occurrence of circumstances, was it a conscious thought, idea or dream of a benevolent creator, or was it a carefully defined plan. If it was the latter, then what was its purpose? Was it conceived by one individual or a committee of like-minded beings from a far superior culture and race we can still only imagine?
Why does a musician write soul-stirring music, or an artist paint something so personal and dramatic that probably only he understands what it is trying to convey, whilst others have to interpret the subject and try deciphering its meaning? Why do sportsmen and women, climbers, divers and the like drive themselves to near exhaustion – just to prove a point? Unlikely, but plausible. Fortunately, as we have grown in knowledge, skills and creativity, we can begin to see what lies behind the mystery of life. So, let’s begin with Ancient history.

[Before we do that, I think I should explain the use of the Bible quotation. I am a Jew by birth, but a Christian by choice. From several academic papers published over the years comparing religions, all 141 of them, we can deduce that all religions are essentially the same and refer to one living God but with different names (Thanks to Babel) ]

There are gods and god kings from many once great civilizations who claim to be the one true god such as Pharo, but are not they are dead and gone, however, these beings play a big part in ancient history. Personally, I believe the Bible to be the greatest history book ever written which has been validated with regard to names, places, time and events by numerous civilizations libraries, artifacts and subsequent scientific investigations.

One final comment before we get into Ancient History. People will believe what they choose and no amount of argument or discussion will change that. Consequently, I am delivering what has validated facts with no pretense to try to influence your choices about what you read, think and choose to believe.

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Ancient History – Part 1

We will never cease from our exploring,

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Elliot

gray and black galaxy wallpaper
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you are a fan of the Big Bang theory, and I don’t mean the American sitcom, then the photo above will hold no surprises. It is a “Black Hole” pouring out matter which will scatter outward until its energy is depleted sufficiently for it to hold its place in space and by its mass draw smaller bodies into its gravitational sphere.

Although I do enjoy the TV show, I am not a big fan of the Big Bang theory. It smacks of desperation to find a simple explanation, which doesn’t require much thought and doesn’t require much in the way of plausibility. However, for me it raises more questions than answers and, of course, makes validation a near impossibility. With the recent launch of NASA’s new toy – the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)- many new possibilities are open for discussion, evaluation, and pure wonder.

‘The Pillars of Creation’ photographed by the James Webb Space Telescope using IR filter.

One of many theories about the Big Bang.

Alright then, here we are with a “Big bang” or a slowly growing creation going back 41 billion years with a multitude of potential starting points. Is that it? Not quite, let’s add in Quantum mechanics. Multi-Universes become easier to understand at the Quantum level (the atomic and subatomic levels) miniature copies of ‘Classical Physics’, present but unbound. We will talk about Quantum Mechanics in more detail later, but first I want to convey two states which are essential to the existence and continued existence as a fundamental aspect of the Universe.


When exciting crystals such as silicon by an intense elliptically or circularly polarized light pulse (red), circularly polarized higher harmonics (green & blue) can be generated. Credit: Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean + Joerg M. Harms, MPSD

Scientists at the MPSD and CFEL have demonstrated the possibility of using a new knob to control and optimize the generation of high-order harmonics in bulk materials, one of the most important physical processes for generating high-energy photons and for the ultrafast manipulation of information.

The generation of high-order harmonics in gases is nowadays routinely used in many different areas of sciences, ranging from physics, to chemistry and biology. This strong-field phenomenon consists in converting many low-energy photons coming from a very strong laser, to fewer photons with a higher energy. Despite the growing interest in this phenomenon in solids, the mechanism behind the conversion of light is still under debate for solid materials.

Scientists from the MPSD (Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter) and CFEL (Centre for Free-Electron Laser Science) in Hamburg used state-of-the-art theoretical simulation tools to advance the fundamental understanding of this phenomenon in solids. Their work is published in ‘Nature Communications’.

When atoms and molecules interact with strong laser pulses, they emit high-order harmonics of the fundamental driving laser field. The high-harmonic generation (HHG) in gases is regularly used nowadays to produce isolated attosecond pulses and coherent radiation ranging from visible to soft x-rays. Because of a higher electronic density, solids are one promising route towards compact, brighter HHG sources. However, their use is currently hampered by the lack of a microscopic understanding of the mechanism leading to HHG from solids.

Researchers at the MPSD and CFEL have now shown that by using elliptically polarized driving light, it is possible to unravel the complex interplay between the two mechanisms responsible for HHG in solids. By means of extensive first-principles simulations, they have shown how these two mechanisms are strongly and differently affected by the ellipticity of the driving laser field.

The complex interplay between these effects can be used to tune and improve harmonic emissions in solids. In particular, they have shown that the maximal obtained photon energy can be increased by as much as 30% using a finite ellipticity of the driving laser field.

They also demonstrated the possibility of generating circularly polarized harmonics with alternating helicity from a single circularly polarized driving field, thus opening a new avenue for a better understanding and control of HHG in solids based on ellipticity, with intriguing new opportunities in the spectroscopy of magnetic materials. Their work shows that ellipticity provides an additional knob to experimentally control high-order harmonic generation in solids”.

Copyright – Max Planck Institute for the structure and dynamics of matter 2017

Just from these two brief paragraphs on an extremely complex subject, you will hopefully gather that harmonics are able to affect and be measured in all four known mediums. Solids (objects), liquids, gases and plasma. The only substance which can exist (to my knowledge) in all four states is water: In its solid state it is ice, liquid it is water, gas it is steam and plasma where it becomes super-heated pressurised steam and is able to cut through solid metal or concrete. It does not change its constitution, but does change its amplitude, pitch and tone, and can easily move back and forth through all its natural states without changing its basic constitution. Each state has its own specific harmonic relative to the medium it operates in and this is the wonder of sound. Everything sings its own song with its own natural harmonic.

Early scientist believed that deep space was an empty vacuum with no medium for sound or harmonic progression, and yet radio waves, X- Rays etc; are able to travel for trillions of miles through the void, strike an object and bounce right back at the source. What does change in deep space, due to the lack of gravity, and distance travelled; is time. The speed of light is a constant whereas the speed of sound varies with gravitational attraction and the medium it is travelling in. So, where and how does this fit with our subject.

Whereas sound can be reflected, diffusing and losing its intensity over distance and time, light doesn’t. However, light can be bent around solid objects by their gravitational force and harmonic stability. Black holes, or dark matter, absorb everything that gets close enough to be sucked in including light.

Energy makes everything work, so together with harmonics and vibration, the world goes round.

Once again we find vibration is the key to all we know.

Having established one constant in this amazing universe, let’s look for any others – just so we know we aren’t using smoking mirrors.

Firstly let’s look at the two main options for the creation of the universe as we know it.

The Big Bang

If you have read any of my previous blogs on this subject you will be aware that I have very little faith in “the Big bang” as it is generally proposed. Simply by changing the singular to plural would change the proposal of an explosive event from unlikely to plausible.

One big bang – this would need to be an extremely high velocity, large caliber source to fill a void the size of the universe and without additional mass would only produce a fraction of the universe we see today. Additionally, it would be uni-directional making the universe cone-shaped rather than the disc with a central bulge we see in most galaxies. It wouldn’t take a giant leap into thinking that each galaxy was in fact due to its own “big bang”.

The Doomsday clock just advanced (2022) thanks to Donald Trump.
This would be the shape of a single “big bang”.

The hole in the middle of the doughnut is where all the fuel has been consumed and cannot be replenished as the blast radius increases steadily outward eating everything that may get in its way leaving an empty dark hole at the center of the Universe.

Below are examples of existing galaxies attracting lonely stars and rejecting others that don’t quite fit the plan.

gray and black galaxy wallpaper
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
scenic view of galaxy in space
Photo by Adam Krypel on Pexels.com

Any explosion requires fuel in order to burn and expand, generally hydrogen and oxygen. If, before the ‘big bang’ space was an empty void there would be no fuel, hence no explosion; no explosion, no bang – big or small.

Having been the victim of an IED (improvised explosive device) during my posting to Aden to cover the British withdrawal from the city port: the subject of explosive effects was of particular interest to me and I was pleased to be able to contribute in a very small way to a study by Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian De-mining (GICHD) follow the link below, or at characterisationexplosiveweapons.org: if you are interested in the final report from GICHD which has taken many years to compile.


Let’s move on.


I am pretty biased toward this explanation of the creation of the Univers and all that lies, lives or exists in it. I make no apologies for the leaning towards a benevolent, caring god, so if you are anti-religion I am sorry. Please move on if you must, but you will be missing a huge chunk of verifiable information and the possibility of an additional explanation for creation which got me thrown out of the Anglican Church!

planet earth
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The earth has been around for over, hmmm, since before my grandma was born! – 13.8 billion years ago.

Ok so let’s get serious about the so called “Pre-history” of earth.

Pre-history – 41 billion years ago up until year zero.

This is probably the most difficult thing I have ever had to write. It easily overshadows the 435 page report I had to present to US Congress on American Military involvement in and over Vietnam.

I think it was Mark Twain who said, “God created war so that the Americans had to learn geography”

Neither Neanderthal or Homio Sapiens exist yet.

They are all genetically Homo Habilis.

Next came Homo Erectus, taller, fitter, hunter-gathers.

As you can see we have left many mutations out (I Would also discount Cro-Magnon Man) and the Neanerthal were migrants brought to earth for workers and breeding.

What we are really interested in here is the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens (modern man); plus, here comes the surprise -aliens.

Long time ago, but still has that punch.

It is a well-known fact that Neanderthal and modern humans co-existed on the earth for several thousand years, what is not clear is whether they were an intentional part of creation, or brought here by aliens for breeding purposes, whatever the reason modern man now has Neanderthal DNA. However, pure Neanderthal are now extinct, along with other ‘short term’ species such as Nephilim, giants as described in the bible whose skeletal remains are now being unearthed all over the world.

In 2008 Richard E. Green et al. from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, published the full sequence of Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and suggested: “Neanderthals had a long-term effective population size smaller than that of modern humans.” In the same publication, it was disclosed by Svante Pääbo that in the previous work at the Max Planck Institute, “Contamination was indeed an issue,” and they eventually realised that 11% of their sample was modern human DNA.  Since then, more of the preparation work has been done in clean areas and 4-base pair ‘tags’ have been added to the DNA as soon as it was extracted so the Neanderthal DNA could be identified.

It is suggested that 20 percent of Neanderthal DNA survives in modern humans, notably expressed in the skin, hair and diseases of modern people. Modern human genes involved in making keratin—the protein found in skin, hair, and nails—have especially high levels of Neanderthal DNA. For example, around 66% of East Asians contain the Neanderthal skin gene, while 70% of Europeans possess the Neanderthal gene which affects skin colour. POU2F3 is found in around 66 percent of East Asians, while the Neanderthal version of BNC2, which affects skin color, among other traits, is found in 70 percent of Europeans. Current world population stands at 8.7 billion, therefore these are not inconsequential figures. Apologies if this is becoming a bit too science-orientated.

Source – Wikipedia

There is a multitude of resources available to the writer since the IT (or AI) guys made computing, more affordable and less cumbersome. User friendly tablets and Smart phones with more power than the man had on his flimsy space ship to fly them to the moon. The first step towards man’s deep desire to travel through space.

marketing businessman person hands
Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on Pexels.com
Now we have a starting point to go………where? The International Space Station with shuttle docked

Now we are trespassing on ‘History – Future’s’ territory, so back to ancient history, the archeologist’s and anthropologist’s domain. (With a soupcon of genetics!)

Homo Erectus – 1.8 million years ago.

n219_w1150 by BioDivLibrary is licensed under CC-PDM 1.0


There is very strong evidence that neither Neanderthal, nor Homo Sapien were part of the natural evolution on earth, but were both introduced into the environment from an outside source. This is not to say that evolution played no part in their development to suit the conditions they were introduced to.

Note: Before you simply brush this off as a sick joke or a simple hoax, similar skeletons have been found all across Europe, Asia and the Americas, many buried in helm and body armour with metal weapons. In fact, Abraham Lincoln in his inaugural speech mentioned the fact that another giant skeleton “tall man” had just been discovered in Washington. Lincoln himself was 6 feet 4 inches tall, but less than half the size of any of the giants found! And before you write the Nephilim off as ‘a long time ago’ have a think about the Yeti in the snow-topped mountains and their cousins Big Foot in the US wilderness, Sasquatch and the Anannuki.

Who has never heard of David and Goliath?

Giants appear in the Bible in many of the Old Testament Books; Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Isiaha and Chronicles just to name a few. They are also well documented in Egyptians, Sumerian and Mesopotamian texts, tablets and in The Book of Enoch, as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh who was himself 17 feet tall. All of these giants were collectively known as the Nephilim – “Fallen angels”, or “The Watchers”. These documents and artifacts date back to around 8,000 BC, and all reference ‘The great flood’ or deluge c5,000 BC sent to cleans the world of sin and its sinners. However, these books, hieroglyphics and artifacts, now mainly in private collections (including the Vatican vaults) take us much further back in time when Homo Erectus was coming into his own, about 450,000 BC.

It is recorded that aliens from the planet Nibiru, the Anunnaki, came to earth to mine gold which was necessary to keep their dying planet alive. These stories are not localised, but are repeated from Central and South America, North America, across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Indo Asia, India, China and Australasia.

Precession of Nibiru to colide with and destroy Tiamat leaving us with the mess of the asteroid belt.

Before we get too far down this fascinating, but debatable subject, let’s just take a look at ancient man and his self achievements. When God created man, He made them male and female and told them to go forth and fill the earth. This is a very important fact. Let’s be honest, if He hadn’t there wouldn’t be anybody here to read this!

Gobekli Tepe – Neolithic archaeological site in the Anatolia Region of Turkey c.9500 and 8000 BCE the site contains several large circular structures supported on the world’s oldest known ‘megaliths’ many of which are decorated with figurative anthropomorphic drawings of clothing, animals and household items. It is regarded as the oldest and largest permanent human settlement and is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Its purpose is still at the centre of vociferous debate between archaeologists, specifically due to it having a temple – to worship who or what is still unknown.

Primitive beauty, or artistic licence?, or, of an unknown origin!

If I were writing a book, this would be the beginning.

From approximately 12,000 years ago the natural process of human development changed when a dark shadow passed from Heaven to earth. It is here, at Gobekli Tepe, where I plant my post as the marker of the new beginning of man versus the immortals. This first city is within the region known as the centre of the world.

From the early days of life on earth man (whatever his label) has taken care of his family. Individually at first, then in small groups of two or three families which made hunting and gathering easier, then to larger groups who would provide security and backup in case of illness or injury, until there were sufficient to construct a settlement with ditches and pailing walls for protection and to deter neighbours from raiding the settlement of its child bearing women and female children. In only a few relatively short years, settlements became villages, then small towns and by 10,000 BCE the first of the Gobekli cities grew up all around the world. From Australia to the Philippines, Japan and China, India, the Middle East, Euro-India, North Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Arctica, Canada, North America, Mexico and the Central Americas; the curved land mass created by Continental drift. So, to recap, we are only talking about humanoid development up until 10,000 BCE. There were no Neanderthal, no Homo Sapien, no Nephilim nor aliens. But then came the war. Not on earth, but in Heaven. Satan gathered a following and rebelled against God*. He was defeated and along with his following was cast out of heaven, including the Nephilim “Fallen Angeles”, warriors who, because of their low intellect God graciously sent them to earth to protect His people and the creation.

When God created the heavens and the earth, He created people, male and female, and gave them free will to develop at their own pace. The first of their many difficulties came with the Nephilim who he sent to watch over them from afar, however, the Nephilim had never seen the female form and took them as wives, concubines or just friends with benefits, or, of course, simply by force. The prodigy of these relationships became the “hero’s of old”, part god and part human and made up a large part of the Greek dynasty which we will come back to in their time.

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