Quantum Mechanics (part of the quantum theory box) is basically the new black of science, in that it mirrors “normal” science but at the atomic and sub-atomic range with a few tweaks you either accept as true, or you do the other thing – which involves the middle finger of the right hand!

It’s not all bad, there are some interesting little twists and turns which may be beneficial, or they may not. Don’t sound too convincing do I? Have a ponder over the snippet below:

Hydrogen atom wave function
Sorry about the quality of the image I will try tidy it up before we finish quantum theory, that’s if anyone is keeping up, or cares.

Hydrogen atom, simple structure, abundant supply so it doesn’t matter if you drop a few, not too many though we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

This all hangs its hat on the Schrodinger Equation. You will all remember him, he is the one with the cat, which is either dead, or alive depending on your point of view (little pun there). I have never in all my years of study been able to understand the Professor and his cat. I think it was Albert Einstein who said; “If you can’t explain a basic equation to a six year old, it’s probably because you don’t understand it in the first place”.

I am no mathematical genius, but consider myself to be up there (top 5% in New Zealand according to Executive Recruitment Analysts) and I cannot follow the Professor’s “Application of the Schrodinger Equation to the Hydrogen Atom”. If you have the interest and time I have all 6 parts of the extremely complex mathematical formula. Even flicking through it you will immediately pick up that there are too many variables intertwined with quite a few maybe’s and ifs. Chapter 7.3 lists Quantum Numbers for Radial, Angular and Azimuthal equations, but lists three possible/probable pitfalls, while the basic equations used since we began analysing (e=mc2 General Theory of Relativity) the world around us constitute 90% of the basic equation.

The theory behind quantum mechanics (QM) is that it is a microscopic view of modern science, which is ok, but when people start to claim all kinds of fanciful and weird ideas, such as ‘in QM everything is in miniature and operates in the opposite domain to natural laws of physics’. If you accept this possibility then you are walking a fine line to multiple universes which breeds chaos. Personally, I find it ridiculous, we can’t even look after the one we’ve got!

I bring this just for the picture, which I’ve taken from a Pinterest post: “Chaos, Derivatives and Quantum Physics”. Little to say about it, except that it is the postmodern fad of naming almost anything as quantum, real or not. Apparently, in QM you can decide what anything is, or where it has gone, or why it didn’t go anywhere anyway!

Oh, and by the way all atoms are ‘waves’ or ‘particles’, but each one is unique, for instance, a “Photon” particle that zooms around and through the universe (including us) can continue its solitary sojourn for billions of years without using any form of energy except what is was born with. Although solitary, when they come close to gasses, dust, debris and other useful star making materials, they suddenly become gregarious, start things spinning and hey presto a star is born from a single point of light not even big enough for us to notice them.

Theory is a big word in science, it enables you to theorise just about anything you can think of!