These past two years have been fraught with natural disasters like never before; or have they? According to evidence available 546 A.D. was the most disastrous year ever.

Volcanoes, well they have been around since the earth was a barren steaming hot ball of molten rock. They are partly the cause of earthquakes due to continental shift and subduction which in turn are the cause of tsunamies and other weather anomalies which again are to blame for crop failures, drought and famine and then we get pestilance, pandemics and all sorts of disease to top the list off with extinction of the species.

In March of this year Russia, for no apparent reason decided to invade the Ukrain and started threatening the world with a nuclear  holocost, which would be very similar to lobbing volcanoes at major cities all over the world: if they interfered with Putin’s expansionist policy and that brings us back to time.

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There are two nuclear clocks in the world, one at Greenwich on the river east of London, the other is in the USA atop a mountain 2 kilometers high. Now I’m no great fan of scientists, some are very clever, most are mediocre and then there are the really stupid ones who latch onto others work and pass it off as their own.  Every year the two clocks have to be adjusted so they both say the same time! Why did it not occur to the scientists involved that gravity affects time?  I remember as a boy reading (mainly comic books) that said in simple understandable words that if you had a space ship and you zoomed out into space, that when you came back you would be the youngest in the family because time in space is slower than time on earth.  Hence, there is no time in space, it’s just a figment of our imagination.

There is one other clock in the news at the moment and it fits in quite well with what we have been  discussing above.

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The Doomsday Clock

The doomsday clock was the brainchild of some well meaning individual who felt it would be good to have a clock which would tell us how long we had until the end of mankind. People are like sheep but not as woolly. The basis or intent was to look at the state of the world and then set the clock ticking away towards midnight.  It was started in 1947 with 7 minutes to go to the apocalypse. Every year in January a group of clever people get together to look at current affairs, climate, the potential for World War 3, impact by a massive asteroid and anything else remotely close to finishing us off.  This year the clock was set at 100 seconds to midnight. Dramatic music plays in the background. This is the third year in succession that it has been set at 100 seconds. In 2019 it read 2 minutes to go and in January 2020 it was changed to 100 seconds which is just under 2 minutes, but much more dramatic.

If you are serious about time, Google – ‘String theory’ and we will talk about time in the astrophysics domain.

It’s a fair chunk of rhetoric to follow isn’t it, so let’s try clear up any ambiguity.

We calculate our time based on the length of one day, 24 hours.  This number is arrived at by calculating the earth’s circumference and then dividing it by the speed of rotation, so a point to point number of 24 hours makes a nice, easy sum. The earth spins at 1000 miles per hour and the circumference is 24,000 miles = 24 hours and this is our benchmark for all time, hours, minutes,  weeks, months and years are all based on this foundation.  The problem is that the earth’s circumference is variable, as is its rotational speed making time variable and consequently unreliable, but it is close enough for general day-to-day functions.

At the moment, 2022 a.d. the earth’s circumference is 23,974 miles, so we lose 26 minutes a day from “real-time”.  Not a worry, except that the earth is 400,000 years old and still considered young, active and growing which does make the variability of time on a day to day basis something requiring due care and respect.

You may recall the hype of 2012 when people fuelled by the media, believed that on the 21st December 2012 the world would come to an end as the Mayan long calendar came to an end. Most of us just throw the old one away and start a new year of 28,000 earth years.

The Universe is an incredibly accurate mathematical phenomenon. Take a look at this:-

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Happy smiley faces.

Sun > Mercury > Venus > Earth > Mars > ?

As you can see, this is schoolboy stuff. Moving out from the sun the inner planets are:-  Mercury – one rotation = 120 days; Venus – one rotation = 240 days; Earth – one rotation 360 days*; Mars – one rotation = 480 days; Asteroid Belt – one rotation = 600 days**

Planetary procession around the sun

OK Explanation due:- Earth* up until Joshua was beating the hell out of Jericho and then chasing the four kings through the desert (approx 571 bc) the earth made one rotation of the sun in 360 days in keeping with the spacing of the inner planets. Because Joshua wanted to complete the rout and obliterate the whole nation, he asked God  not to let the sun set until it was done. According to Chinese history, on that very same date, the long night they experienced, coincidently lasted 128 hours. Since then, the earth completes one rotation in 365 and a quarter days. It also unbalanced Stonehenge’s setting, which scientists are still trying to work out why it isn’t circular and what was it for!

Asteroid Belt** up until around 8000 bc this rag, tag bundle of asteroids, comets, meteors etc; was an earth sized planet called Tiamat which was subject to an impact by a much larger rouge planet called Niburu. However, more of this subject later.

Just to sweeten the pot for later, this was about the time that the earth was subject to thermonuclear war in the middle east when the Rama people defeated and destroyed Atlantis.  No, it’s not a joke, it has been verified by NASA and validated by geology, archeology, and a bucket full of other scientists. Anyway, don’t spread it around, you don’t want people to think you are as crazy as me. If you manage to get to the British Museum in London, look at the jewel in the centre of Tutenkarmoon’s replica death mask. It is unlike anything else and it is just fused sand. That is what happens when you explode thermonuclear devices above sand.

Space and Time…….continued from G1 Time

While most people thought that it was a wacky idea and due to Stephen’s deteriorating health, it stirred deep thoughts I had puzzled over for a long time.  Many of these abstract thoughts came together all in a rush of understanding that made my head spin as one after another fell into place.

a majestic display of stellar structure over a silhouette of trees
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NASA has for a long time believed that there should be an extra planet in our solar system, Planet X, but has been unable to pin it down, in spite of tantalizing glimpses, or shadows that kept their interest alive. As technology in astrophysics improved, rogue planets were appearing all over the universe, unattached to a star or solar system. They just seemed to drift aimlessly through space. Free, unattached and apparently avoiding capture by normal laws of gravity.

Moving into Astrophysics from “ordinary” time as we know it, into what is generally known as Cosmology, probably better known by its greatest fan – Stephen Hawking. One of Stephen’s last projects was to demonstrate that the universe was not flat, but round like a ball; light, sound, gravity and time flow as a river winds its way home to the sea, having tides, waves, and currents. Some days would be tranquil and calm, whereas the next days could be violent, turbulent with rips and rogue waves tossing planets and even stars around like flotsome, wreckage from destroyed celestial bodies in an endless sea.

NASA Space Telescopes See Weather Patterns in Brown Dwarf
NASA Space Telescopes See Weather Patterns in Brown Dwarf by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

This is a dwarf star, old, alone, and drifting through space much like a rogue planet but here you can see the heat still being generated by nuclear fusion from its hydrogen-helium cycle. While some large planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are gas giants the mechanism for their existence relies on gravitation the pitch of their orbital spacing and the speed of rotation is what keeps them in place. If you page up to the little graphic showing planetary precession (Time Part 1) you can see what I mean.  You  will also notice every now and then an object from deep space comes into view and makes a sling shot orbit around the Sun back out into deep space. Most of these are comets which have wide eccentric orbits bringing them back years, sometimes thousands of years later.

You are probably saying “What has this to do with the price of eggs?”

Comets are often referred to as space snowballs releasing ice in the form of a vapour tail as they approach and leave the sun. Now, my question is; “Where does the water come from to form ice crystals in deep space?”

Interesting. The tail always points away from the sun.

Even more interesting, water is the only element found in all forms: solid (ice) water (liquid) and gas (steam/vapour).

Scientists have discovered a Super-Earth that is four times the mass of our planet and takes just 10.8 days to complete a whole year. According to the American space agency NASA, the exoplanet, called Ross 508 b, was discovered using a new infrared monitoring technique. It is located 37 light-years from us. The Super-Earth “skims in and out of its star’s habitable zone”. And it revolves around a red dwarf star called Ross 508, just like our Earth orbits the Sun. 

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Home from Home

The beginning of my dream. Or was it just an old recurring nightmare…….

Do or die

It was the best and the worst years of my life taking many year later to stop looking over my shoulder and sitting with my back to the wall.

Current Affairs, home and abroad.

It is bad enough when business go bankcrupt, but when countries and world economies start to fail from “moneytisation” then the whole world is in deep do-do.

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