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The Colour Stone

Other books from the same author:

‘No flowers – by request’ a novel based on certain facts and the timeline of World War 2 when Sir Winston Churchill manipulated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour to force the USA into the war.

‘One woman’ a look at the creation of Adam and Eve and God’s plan to create a nation, a people unto himself.

‘Major Baron’ a life, unexpected, unwanted, but glorious.


Graham G1 – Time

Time isn’t real.  It is a figment of many imaginations, plus a show of artistic talent within which we hope to convey time as a real thing. Ask any elderly person and at some point in the conversation they will say, “I don’t know where the time goes”.  Well, to be honest, it doesn’t go anywhere except deep into the storage drawers of your brain, and if it must it will over-ride a previous time you had already forgotten about.

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Graham’s blog with a hint of mystery……….. 24th April 2022

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