The Earth fights back

What a waste of human potential for the poor swimmers!

In 2019 – 2022 the earth was beset with one natural disaster after another. Right now, in January 2023, North America is undergoing the coldest winter storm ever recorded. Major snowfalls, deadly ice build-up, torrential rain and horrific winds causing billions of dollars in damage just as the government is falling apart, with accusations and endless bickering. The speaker of the House has been rejected eight times by the voting congress members who just don’t like him making the Government ungovernable. President Trump is likely facing criminal charges and who knows what else is going on behind the scenes.

Russia under Premier Putin is in a similar state as the US, China is facing a people’s revolt, Iran is executing their women folk for not covering their faces in public and speaking out about the crackdown on girls not being allowed to attend schools. Some would say the world is falling apart and all we do is blame it on ‘climate change’. The world is going into a deep depression which will make the early 1900’s look like a picnic in the park.

Famine, pestilence, pandemics and war with neighbours are bringing the world to its knees when just one of a dozen or so wealthy organisations could step in and bring peace, but war is profitable and the already rich banks prefer that to helping the poor who don’t have the means to repay the banks, so no sympathy there. The same applies to the big churches, hoarding their riches instead of doing what is right.

Unusual and more frequent turbulent weather patterns around the globe, higher than usual sun spot activity disrupting satellite and telecommunications, volcano and earthquakes, its all building to a concerning level.

To view the video (1 hour) please visit NASA’s website available in Contents/contacts.

Not a good place to be, US Oil rig right in the path of a violent tornado.

Regular sun spots and flares.

Still just a spot in the ocean of the Universe.
This is the effect of a small asteroid breaking through the earth’s defenses and striking the earth. (Artist impression)

Nuclear bomb testing in the South Pacific c1960’s (Actual footage – source withheld)

‘Mosi’ the Smoke that thunders. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Tsunamis, floods and earthquakes.

Tsunami – Indonesia across to Srilanka – death toll over 200,000
Run, run as fast as you can………

Pakistan floods displace 14 million people – Courtesy BBC
Pennsylvania flood damage following Hurricane Katrina 2010
Hurricane Katrina, Gulf of Mexico 2010

Earthquakes – causing tsunami

Japan’s worst earthquake and subsequent tsunami.
Earthquake Ecuador 2016
Aceh ten years after the tsunami caused by the Indonesian earthquake.
Not much you can say about this, except it is someone else’s ‘fault’.

This fault line is slowly, but steadily dividing Africa in two.

Civil protests –> riots –> rebellion –> excessive violence

Right across the modern world, ordinary, usually quiet people are showing their displeasure at something and they want to be heard.

“Oops mate, you left the important bit behind”
Media hype – this is a perfectly legal Marathon, not a protest! Unless of course, you are addicted to media hype
Do they understand, or is it parental pressure? Either way it is effective.

Just for interest and to shake up any of the top 10 fortunes list, should they ever read this little website.

Renewable energy comes at a high initial cost and is riddled with complexity.

One of the biggest issues we face for our future is the availability of fresh drinking water. A possible solution is the desalination of seawater. When I was working as a consultant in Africa we were experimenting with desalination and alternative energy solutions, solar power, wind power and wave power generation of low voltage electricity and storage methods.

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