W Edwards Deming – A system of profound knowledge.

Deming advocated that all managers need to have what he called “A System of Profound Knowledge” consisting of four parts:-

1: Appreciation of a System; understanding the overall processes involving suppliers, producers, and customers (or recipients) of goods and services.

2: Knowledge of variation; the range and causes of variation in quality and the use of sampling in measurements.

3: Theory of knowledge; the concepts explaining knowledge and the limits of what can be known.

4: Knowledge of psychology; concepts of human nature.

Graham Hitch – used in the Manager, man or machine; training course for junior manager development.
torrespana broadcasting tower in madrid spain
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As buildings, offices and cities get bigger and taller, costs get higher and the need for efficient, committed employees becomes more relevant and critical to the success of the business and, hence, more critical.

The cost of employing a person is about double their annual salary. Consequently, hiring to fill a specific role is paramount and, finding someone with experience and flexibility makes the process vital to long term success.

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