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Q: Is Boris (Johnson) just a Donald Trump CIA Sleeper?

A: The kings of the West are rising up…………

Trump pleads not guilty – 13th June 2023
Hands up who’s surprised.
During a court appearance in Miami, Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to charges that he illegally kept classified documents and obstructed efforts to retrieve them after he left office. He became the first former U.S. president to be charged with federal crimes.
In an indictment unsealed on Friday and laying out 37 charges against Trump, the former president was described as showing off sensitive information to visitors, haphazardly storing boxes of secret papers around his Florida estate and lying to federal investigators.
Trump was booked but was not handcuffed, and he did not have to submit to a mug shot. Small groups of pro-Trump protesters gathered outside the courthouse in Miami for the arraignment, the second time that Trump surrendered to authorities this year.
In April, he pleaded not guilty to a case brought by Manhattan prosecutors in which he is accused of orchestrating a hush-money scheme in advance of the 2016 election. Those charges are not as serious as the ones stemming from the latest indictment.
An image from the indictment shows boxes of documents piled in a bathroom at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida estate.via Department of Justice
The 2024 race: The charges do not bar Trump from running for president. He currently leads an increasingly crowded Republican field.
A trial could be months away, our Washington correspondent, Charlie Savage, said. However, he added, “we think the Justice Department is going to try to get this over with as quickly as possible, hopefully before the Republican presidential primary” that formally kicks off next year.
Trump may try to delay the trial until after the U.S. elections in November of next year. “It is possible that he will be president again, or that another Republican nominee will be president,” Charlie said. Once a new president takes office, Charlie said, that person could end the case against Trump.
Precedent: There have been about a dozen cases involving the mishandling of classified information in recent years. Many of them ended in prison sentences.
Dark clouds are forming.

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The world is heading for the biggest financial crash since early 1900s and it will make that look like a street market.

Many thousands will lose everything, including their jobs, cars, homes and whatever is left they will need to sell to feed their families.

This is just another pointer to the “end of days”.

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Currently, the world’s main protagonists and superpowers are experiencing unprecedented peoples displeasure bordering on rebellion. The USA is undergoing a chaotic pre-election shambles, in Russia, Putin is looking more and more foolish as his war with Ukrain is turning even his own army against him, and what’s his recourse; threaten the world with a nuclear war and in China the powers that be are having to back down due to incredible resistance and demands from the ordinary citizens of the largest, and once richest country in the world. Politics are bringing them all into unknown territory, financial collapse is on the cards. In the Book of Revelation, these three countries represent the Kings of the West (USA), the Kings of the North (Russia) and the Kings of the East (China) with its army of 200,000 soldiers. Together with the earth’s fight for survival, Armageddon is just awaiting the rise of the South to complete The End of Days and a world war like no other.

Genetics and geriatrics.

Every blue eyed person on the planet is a descendant of one single person

Kate Plummer

Melania Trump Pitches NFT Plans; ‘Cobalt Blue Eyes’ Captivate Crypto Twitter CoinDesk

Blue eyed people listen up.

Ever wondered why your eyes are the colour they are? Well wonder no more.

Every blue eyed person is descended from a single European who lived around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, according to scientists.

How did they work it out? Originally, all humans had brown eyes in various shades until there was a specific mutation that made the change.

Scientists solve mystery of Antarctica’s ‘bleeding waterfalls’

Massive ocean discovered beneath the Earth’s crust

Scientists create tiny solar flares from a lab in world-first

The mutation is a gene called HERC2 and it switches off OCA2, the gene that determines how much brown pigment we make.

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So that’s why eyes become blue.

As for being descended from the same person, the evidence for this is because every blue eyed person alive today has this same mutation.

Scientists reckon only 8 to 10 per cent of the world population have blue eyes and eyes don’t fully develop in childhood meaning the brown pigment can kick in later, causing blue eyed children to end up with brown eyes in adulthood.

So if you have blue eyes, now you know – your family is a lot bigger than you might have thought previously and you might not even be related.

The Circle of Life – the development of Geneology.

Just to bring you back down to earth, here is a simple equation developed by Munchausen (not by proxy).

I can’t really think of anything useful to do with it. If you have any ideas, drop me a line.

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