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Many of the exhibits are for sale as a download, or hardcopy please enquire as to availability and cost.


Sea or sky

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.

Life’s Wisdom

Fire people – Amy Oz

Oil on canvas – Size

Lillies – Amy OZ

Oil on canvas – Size

Pen and ink with a twist of water for the rather neat effect.

Model – Anna-Laura MJ and Rooster Artist – Sumie

Far off horizons – Sunny CG

Oil on canvas.


  • Egyptian modern art on authentic papyrus

Open to offers: Size approx A3

African sunset – Amy Oz

Oil on canvas – size

Scarborough sunset- Photographs by Barbara

Replica Endeavor off Scarborough 1997 – Graham Hitch

Oil painting by Amy Oz

Memory can play tricks – my red piano NFS – Not for sale.

Artist Edward Levin (Deceased)

Many people turn to learning to play piano by ear after they have gone blind. Edward, who was always contrary, learned to paint after he had gone blind. The world is full of incredibly talented people, often we only realise that when it is too late to tell them how talented and courageous they are. Rest in peace my wonderful friend.

Graham and Sher Hitch – Step daughter

Sher at Cape Point (Cape of good hope) South Africa 1985 for the Whitbread Round the World handicap race.

From Cape Town into the Indian Ocean and the long leg to Auckland.

I have to confess that I preferred the owner/sponsor’s choice of boat to the match racing we have today.

Unknown photographer.
Storm at sea.

If you look carefully, you will see a tornado at the centre generating the rainbows.

Sterling Castle, seat of the Scottish Kings and home of William Wallace.

The fight against slavery in America.

Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side, taken from the “Flight of the Angels” 1987

A very rare and secretive spider eating parrot photographed in the early morning having breakfast.

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