A site designed specifically for first-timers, dreamers and people just looking for the opportunity to write and be recognised for their latent skills to come out from wherever they have been hiding.

When I was a boy at Grammar School, I loved to write and draw, which was fortunate as my form Master was also my English tutor who taught me a lot, but one thing struck me more than anything else he ever said, “See all those people out there Graham, going about their daily affairs. Well inside every one of them is a book waiting for the chance to reveal its writer”. I have three passions, apart from my wife and family, they are: Sailing, History and Astrophysics. And, I suppose I should slip Economics in there, but that was more for bread and butter than a passion.

Just in case your Latin has gotten a bit rusty, I should explain what Luceo-elucido is and why I have chosen it as my Domain name. I took the inspiration from the motto and coat of arms of Clan MacKenzie, trustworthy, wild and as honest as every Scottish Highlander, no matter what the English have said. Their motto “Luceo non uro”, translates to ‘Shine not burn.’ – peace not force.

Shine through this dark world like a beacon bringing you home to true enlightenment.

Opening web page:- Luceo-elucido.com

Dreams from home passed…………

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Map of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

Scarborough Fair held at the castle moat since c1100 a.d.

The castle headland, used by the Romans as a signal station, remained a highlight of the small seaside town with arguable rights in claiming to be the world’s first Spa and holiday destination. The town remained staunch royalist even after 4 years of siege by Oliver Cromwell during the English civil war. Sadly the Roundheads destroyed the castle and the old town’s fortifications after the defenders were starved to death.

In years gone by, the large hotel in the foreground “The Grand Hotel” was used by many famous and infamous visitors. It is an interesting building themed on a calendar year. It has four towers, spring, summer, autumn and winter; 12 floors one for each month and 365 rooms. King George and Winston Churchill were regulars, especially during the war years. But, like many before it, it is now converted to timeshare apartments. For over 150 years until vacation tastes and cheap travel to Europe brought about its demise. Below the 12 main floors are four underground floors for storage and utilities, one of which has a station and narrow gauge railway track. More about Scarborough, UK later.

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Never forget to make time to just sit and admire the beauty all around us.

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