So much to say, so much to show, so much to do – and I don’t have a clue!

I wrote a book, ‘The Colour Stome’, nearly 30 years ago for my youngest child who loves fantasy and adventure. He has read the text file every year since and still loves it. I have always been busy, or away overseas and despite the nagging never got round to publishing it. I am retired now and began to look into self-publishing on the web. While researching for my book I thought there must be lots of people like me who have the material, but not the wherewithal to do it. in many cases, it is simply down to the cost. So, I decided that as I had a website with one novel on it – what to do with the other 40Gb?

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Welcome to……Luceo-elucido

Time is an illusion

BOOKS – –  Fiction and blogs, I leave it up to you as to whether they are fact or fiction! Time is an illusion

– Wind, water, the lapping of the waves and the rustle of canvas = peace, blessed peace.

Poetry, quips, tales, and other miscellaneous

ART – and Photography, still and video

Space and Time

History – from ancient past, recent past, and future.

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